Posted by Rose Oliver MBE 6th May 2013 14:34 GMT, 3 repliesFilters: Shanghai Food

Does anyone know where I can get marmite in Shanghai at the moment.
I've tried Feidan and City Shop, all out of stock.
Any help gratefully received!

Thanks, Rose

George6th May 2013 14:51 GMT

I'm not sure if these will be of any help but Lotus Food Market, Parkson and Pines are other places that we list in our Shanghai guide as places for finding imported goods.

Massum1st April 2014 06:59 GMT

basically impossible! Best thing is to ask a friend or on some expat forum for someone to bring it for you from Australia.

Diego7th August 2014 12:17 GMT

Buy it in Taobao. I buy many imported products, either by people living in Shenzhen who buy it in HK and ship it to you, or people with relatives in other countries and they just buy them over there and ship it to you.
I checked MARMITE in taobao and many people has it. Just ask some colleague or friend who can read chinese to choose the right seller for you (or just check the symbols and stuff, is not that difficult actually, just at the beginning!)
Good luck!
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