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    Im moving to Hong Kong from New York City next month. What are the most important things to know about living there? A friend mentioned that her sheets from NY dont fit the beds there, but that bedding is expensive there and I should bring my own sheets but just be prepared to tuck them in. If I rent a furnished apartment, will I have to worry about bedding? Who can you recommend to help me find a furnished one bedroom in Central. My friend lives in Central and says that’s the fun, hip place where most expats live. Is that the case?

    Do I need to open a bank account with a global provider in NY so that I can easily access funds over there? Who would you recommend? HSBC?

    My company is providing Deloitte to do my taxes so I dont think I have to worry to much about that.

    Anything else that is key for me to know??? Thank you!!!

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    I am a British expatriate who lived in Hong Kong for several years. It is very difficult to comment on whether your sheets will fit the beds in HK as it very much depends on the bed that is available in the specific apartment that you end up living in. However, you should bear in mind that apartments in Hong Kong are small, so it is highly unlikely that you would have enough space for a King Sized bed, most would be Queen at best.

    Furnished apartments are rarer than unfurnished here, but those few that come with beds are in varying sizes, so it’s going to depend on the specific place you choose. If you choose a serviced apartment then the bed linens are normally included anyway.

    I do not believe that bed sheets are expensive in HK and there are many places to purchase them.

    Central is a great area to live. I would advise starting your search with an online property service such as http://www.squarefoot.com.hk . From there you can get in touch with agents. Our expat guide to Hong Kong contains a big section on finding somewhere to live and I think you would find the entire guide extremely useful because it covers absolutely everything you need to know about living in Hong Kong ( http://www.expatinfodesk/destinations/hong-kong/ ).

    I banked with HSBC while I lived in HK and I recommend a global provider such as them, as it will make handling your finances across different cultures and currencies much easier.

    Hope that helps.



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