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    Hello. I’m within a few months of relocating from the United States to Loja – Ecuador. I’ve decided on the move for several reasons but the strongest is family ties from our extended family. I have a 10 year old, US born, that is dead set against the move. He has traveled many times to Ecuador for weeks up to a month at a time. He enjoys spending vacation there and getting to know his cousins a bit more. He only speaks English but understands most of the Spanish langauge. He has strong social ties to his current school and town. How can I better this transition for him. I often feel guilty and second guess myself for the move but know deep inside that it will be for the best and he will eventually thank me for it. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.
    Ivan – desperate for answers.

    2 replies

    Hi Ivan
    I am just thinking to retire abroad only, so I am picking place – looks like SA it the place to be.
    I can not answer your question :-(( but want to know what happens to you when you finally moved to Ecuador ??? As I am thinking to move there too.
    If you let me know about your experience , would be lovely !!!


    I also am thinking of moving to S A and Ecuador was one place we looked at. I also have 12 yo that I struggle with same. But as I have explained it to her. she can always move back to USA when he is of legal age. But in the meantime to embrace this new experience.

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