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    Posted by Marisa,  2 replies 

    Hi there
    I’m now doing a research about condo Bangkok. I’d like to ask you as a foreigner who want to live in Bangkok will you buy a condo here? If yes then what type could that be? luxury? cheaper?
    you guys prefer a house rather than condominium?/

    Here are some of the house and condo idea. May be you can help me check base on this web’s photo
    there are both house and condominium

    thank you so much


    2 replies


    Hi Marisa,
    Just a little opinion from me, as you’re a foreigner you can only purchase a condominium, not a house in Thailand according to a law, but its many ways to buy a house under a company name but again not an easy like before. Also, for a convenience, I think a condo much better and easy to invest in the case if you want to move back to UK or whatever reason. The type of the condo depending on what do you want to target on? family or single? also house and condo it’s the different budget, first, you need to set the budget and area where you want to focus base on the sentence above ( what are you targeting?).

    Hope this is a little help.

    TJ. 6692 8956423


    You may find these 2 links useful:


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