There are a number of taxes that you may be faced with during life in Japan beyond the standard national, prefectural, and municipal income taxes. Some of the more prominent taxes include:

Consumption Tax (VAT) – Current consumption tax is 5% on products and services. This is paid at the register although consumption tax is now included within the listed price of the item being purchased.

Property Tax – Paid at the municipal level and relates to the ownership of land and housing.

Automotive Tax – As discussed in the separate section relating to purchasing a car, there are a number of taxes related to vehicle acquisition including an annual tax based on the size of the vehicle’s engine, and a separate national vehicle tax that is assessed when the vehicle is inspected.

There are also additional taxes on alcohol, cigarettes, and gasoline – these taxes are included within the price displayed at the point of purchase.

More information on applicable taxes in Japan can be found in English at: (