Medical Treatment/Facilities

The healthcare system of Pakistan is more proficiently handled by the private sector. Owing to political disorganization, the public healthcare system isn’t in the best of conditions. Istanbul, however, has access to both private and public hospitals offering reliable treatment. As you move to the rural areas, the condition of the healthcare system starts to deteriorate even further. Expats, planning a future move, have some good news to look forward to, as the country is keen on taking the initiative of having a universal healthcare program.


There is a heavy demand for knowledgable pharmacists in Pakistan. Even though it’s a thriving business, the hunt for expert pharmacists is still on. The urban scene is still better-off than the rural scene. Nevertheless, if one has knowledge of their own prescriptions then there are ample pharmacies for any immediate medical requirement. Companies like Healthonline and offer the facility of online ordering of medicines to individuals, who do not have time or proximity to physical stores.


  • As the country has sub-tropical weather, it is evident why Malaria and Dengue are two very common fevers. So, have mosquito repellants at all times, get vaccinated and keep a check on stagnant water in nearby areas
  • Blood transfusions aren’t reliable, so try going for private hospitals
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers including ambulance services provided by NGOs, as the emergency service of the hospital isn’t great