Transport Options in Islamabad

Taking local transportation in Islamabad is a fair deal. The foundations of a great transport set-up was laid back in the days by Greek architect Constantine. Following the same footprints, the administration has worked methodically to make it a fast-paced metropolis with great connectivity.  Facilitated with reliable roads and diverse transportation mediums, Islamabad chucks travel hassles out of the room in the past. Not only was the commutation in Islamabad a traveller-friendly experience, but also an economical one. While it is still an economical method to commute, most localities point fingers at the growing population for increasing transportation problems.

Taking all of this into consideration, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Shehbaz Sharif introduced two new metro bus routes: Green and Blue lines. Running between areas like Kora Chowk and Faizabad, these two routes also join with two of the busiest bus routes: Red and Orange lines operating between Islamabad International Airport and Rawalpindi.

Metro buses: Metro buses are a great asset to Islamabad and Rawalpindi’s transportation and travellers, however, the only drawback is its limited coverage. Nevertheless, starting off in 2015, the entire system has come a long way and has also been quite lenient with its additional offerings like air conditioning, free WIFI and a fixed fare. Fares for metro buses are calculated in two ways, via single token rides and metro bus cards. Another bonus for metro bus users is that they can avail the facility of e-ticketing

Local buses: Local buses run along 15 routes and wagons along 14 routes, with the fare calculated on the basis of distance travelled. On an average, one can expect a bus fare of 15-35 PKR for 4-30km journeys.

Taxis and car hailing apps: Taxis are widely available in Islamabad. Being the most sought after form of transportation, car hailing companies have benefited largely from this growing demand in Islamabad. Some of the players dominating the cab and taxi scene of the city include Uber, Careem and Bykea. Taxicab services are privately offered by Albayrak and Metro Radio Cab.

Rickshaws: Rickshaws are a preferred choice for shorter distances. But if you wish to learn the art of bargaining, there’s no better start than rickshaws!