5 Reasons Why the 457 Visa Could Change Your Life

Why Not Become An Expat in Australia with 457 Visa

The 457 visa has been the Holy Grail for prospective expats and businesses for many years, offering overseas workers the chance to move to Australia in exchange for their much-needed skills.

How does the 457 visa work?

  • The Australian government initiated the 457 visa to help remedy the shortage of skilled workers in the local labor market.
  • Desirable skills are generally those that contain a trade such as chefs, joiners, electricians, carpenters, and many more.
  • Low-risk applicants are those who have a clean criminal record, updated health insurance, a good grasp of the English language, and have a genuine desire to work.
  • Workers who meet the above criteria are given the opportunity to be sponsored by an Australian business looking for that particular skill set.
  • If chosen, the prospective expat will be given a specific job on a temporary contract lasting for up to 4 years.
  • The applicant can choose to apply to extend the visa once the 4-year period has concluded.

Choosing the 457 working visa has many practical advantages, but there are many personal benefits too. Here are 5 reasons why the 457 visa provides a brilliant opportunity for anyone wanting to move to Australia.

You’ll get to experience Australia through the eyes of a native

Unlike other visas, the 457 allows you to be more than just a tourist, you are a fully-fledged member of the Australian community (even if it’s on a temporary basis).

Rather than thinking of themselves as on holiday, expats that choose to go down the working visa route quickly become more immersed in the Australian culture and get to see the country as its native citizens do. You might be working with an entirely Australian workforce and will soon learn the ins and outs of interesting and passionate culture.

You won’t get bored traveling

A long-haul trip to Australia usually involves exploring, sleeping, exploring, going to the beach, and more than likely, more sleeping.

If you’re traveling from the Northern Hemisphere, it can take a long time for your body clock to sync in with Australia’s time zones. By the time you’ve got to grips with the jetlag, it could be time to go home.

You can also try to cram too much into a holiday if you know you’re only there for a few weeks. Australia’s a big country and you can waste a lot of your vacation traveling between different destinations.

By applying for a working visa and prolonging your stay, you can see the finer points of this beautiful country at your own speed. You’ll enjoy it far more.

457 visa

You’ll make Australian friends

It’s always baffling that people travel millions of miles across the globe only to stay in a hotel by themselves, where they don’t make any effort to integrate with local people.

The 457 visa completely eradicates the isolation that traveling can often bring. Depending on your industry, you will probably be spending 40 hours a week with your Australian colleagues. This gives you plenty of opportunities to make friends and as Australians are a friendly bunch, you’ll probably be best buds in no time.

You’ll develop your skillset

Depending on the length of time you decide to stay in employment for, the working visa allows you to develop your specific expertise in a completely different environment.

You may be an expert at your job at home, but as you’re in a new country, it is likely that Australians will do things slightly differently. Without throwing you in at the deep end, challenging yourself with new ways of doing things provides you with a valuable chance to learn and truly perfect your chosen trade.

You’ll make a good wage

Although money should never be the primary motivator for anything, expats working under the 457 visa can earn up to $53,900 per annum.

The promise of a steady job and a reliable income is enough to make many people in countries with volatile economies consider relocating to Australia. If you think the 457 visa sounds ideal for you, why not consider speaking to an authorized migration agent who will be able to assess whether you are eligible and will assist you with the application process.

Author: ExpatInfoDesk