7 Great Singapore Expat Bloggers to Follow

Although expatriate blogs won’t tell you everything you need to know about relocating to a new country, they can be great at giving you insights into life in a new city. Here’s our round up of the best blogs from expats living in Singapore.

Diary of an Expat in Singapore

This expat blog is compiled by an Italian expat who is currently living in Singapore. It is full of interesting stories and anecdotes as well as one or two amusing lists and interviews with fellow expatriates that live in Singapore.


My Life as a SAHM

Written by an Australian expat, this blog aims to provide people with insights into living in Singapore from a mother’s perspective. With three children, this stay at home Mum certainly knows what she is talking about!


Blooming Expats

Although it hasn’t been updated for a while, this blog contains a lot of very thoughtful and honest posts that portray the ups and downs of real life in Singapore as an expatriate. From raising children, money issues and the frustrations of everyday life, through to travel, pets and foods. Their blog contains a great deal of interesting information that people who are moving to Singapore can really benefit from.


Our Big Expat Adventure

Our Big Expat Adventure chronicles the lives of an Australian expatriate who relocated to Singapore with her husband and two kids. She has been updating the blog on a regular basis for over three and a half years, which means there is plenty of useful information and facts about life in Singapore available at your fingertips.


Expat Kiwis—Singapore and Beyond

Expat Kiwis was a blog that was originally started as a means for a Kiwi family living in Singapore to keep their friends and family updated on their adventures in Singapore. It makes for a really interesting read and contains a lot of information about travel opportunities in and around the region


My Expat Life in Singapore

My Expat Life in Singapore chronicles the life of an Indian expatriate who is currently living and working in Singapore. The blog contains interesting observations on life in the city.



This is probably the best expat blog that was ever written in Singapore. It is very practical and contains comprehensive information about many different aspects of life in the Lion City. Unfortunately the blog does not seem to be updated anymore. However, you will still find many of the entries extremely useful.


If you’re looking for more detailed, practical information about living in a new city as an expatriate then please see our guide to living in Singapore. It contains comprehensive information covering all aspects of relocating to this thriving Asian metropolis. The information you need is available at your fingertips and you will not need to trawl through hundreds of blog entries or websites to find what you need. The city guide is written by an expatriate so you can be assured that the information is accurate and up to date. In addition to this, all our guides are advertisement free and offer an unbiased and reliable view of real life in these popular destinations.

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Author: ExpatInfoDesk