We have re-designed our website… again!

Over the weekend we’re pleased to have made live the latest re-design to our website. Since we launched in December 2008 this is the 4th re-design with this one being by far the most radical.

Last year we launched a slimmed down version of our website for mobile devices but we found it a bit lacking and you were limited to the by the content you could read unless you knew exactly where to go.

As the number of people visiting our website from mobile devices has doubled since we launched this initial mobile version we wanted to find a way to improve the experience. Our latest version is now responsive so it better adjusts the content you see to the screen you’re using.

It’s not all about mobile devices though, with this re-design we’ve been able to update our site structure so that it will be able to work better with the changes we have planned for the rest of the year.

If you have any comments or spot anything wrong do let us know below.

Author: ExpatInfoDesk