Swiss Expats are the Highest Earners in the World

A new survey has revealed that expatriates who are based in Switzerland are paid the highest salaries in the world.

Research completed by global recruitment firm Mercer has revealed that expatriates who are based in Switzerland earn the highest salaries of 75 countries throughout the world. Their International Geographic Salary Differentials report also revealed that the recent poor performance of the global economy has led to significant changes in the pay offered to expatriates throughout the world at all pay scales, particular those who work in management positions.

According to Mercer, expatriates who work in Eastern Europe have suffered from the biggest fall in pay, while those who are based in Latin America have started to enjoy higher salaries.

Discussing the findings of their research report, Niklaus Kobel, a Mercer senior researcher, commented: “The top developed countries for average increase in net pay rankings spanned the globe, from Oceania, to Europe, to North America.

“At the same time, three out of the top six countries came from the same emerging market region, Latin America. With the exception of Switzerland, which perennially tends to land near the top in terms of net pay, each year we see interesting movements throughout the rankings.”

Serbia, Spain, Algeria, Indonesia, Estonia and Lithuania were named as the worse in the world for expatriate pay, while Switzerland was the best. Year on year, expatriates who are based in Venezuela have benefited from the biggest increases in pay, while those who work in Peru, Chile, Sweden, New Zealand and Canada have also earned larger amounts of money.

Mercer’s International Geographic Salary Differentials report is designed to help companies who relocate their employees on a regular basis to ensure that they offer appropriate levels of pay to their expatriate staff. In recent years the high levels of pay on offer in Switzerland coupled with the high quality of living on offer in some of the countries most popular cities has positioned the country as a choice destination for many expats.

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