New Process Allows Dubai Expats to Settle Debts at the Airport

Expatriates who leave Dubai will now be required to hand their passports and credit cards over at the airport before departing the country in order to verify that they do not have any financial claims against them.

A new cash register system has been implemented that will allow expatriates living in Dubai to settle any outstanding credit card bills and loans at the airport before they leave. This has been introduced to help expatriates adhere to laws that prevent them from leaving Dubai while they have any outstanding financial claims against them. The new system, which was established by Dubai Courts and the Immigration and Residency Department cooperating with Emirates Dubai National Bank, aims to help cut red tape.

Many expats in the UAE country have welcomed the new rule, which will allow them to settle their debts at the airport. At present, expats are forbidden from leaving Dubai while they any money debts owing and many were forced to go before courts to finalize their debts before they could depart the UAE. This was a big problem for expats who were called home suddenly due to an emergency situation. However, Dubai authorities that are present at the airport will now be able to issue a statement of accounts that will enable expats to instantly pay any outstanding debts. The Head of the Cases Execution Department in Dubai Courts, Ibrahim Al Hosany, commented on the difference that the new system will make for people who have outstanding financial claims against them. He said: “Now the person can pay the money within 10 minutes and then travel immediately. Sometimes this process had taken up to three days and would mean the passenger would have to cancel and rebook his flight.”

The new payment system was introduced on March the 20th and Dubai is the first UAE country to allow expats to settle debts at the airport. Expats can pay any owing money via cash, credit card or debit card in to a special account at the airport branch of the Emirates National Bank.