Western Expats Paid More in the UAE

New research has indicated that western expats living in the United Arab Emirates benefit from some of the highest salaries in the world.

A recent survey by Gulf Business magazine revealed that the average salary earned by chief executives who run worldwide companies in the UAE is approximately $35,000 USD per month. Managing directors in the region can expect to earn similar amounts. Expatriates with similar management positions who are living in Asia can expect to be paid 13% less.

The Gulf Magazine 2013 Salary Survey also revealed that there is currently a discrepancy between the salaries paid to locals and those paid to expatriates in the UAE. According to the findings, Arabs at the same level of management will be paid 3% less on average than their expatriate counterparts. The figures are taken from salaries earned by western, Arab and Asian expats working in the emirates.

While locals in the UAE may be alarmed to here of such differences in pay levels, Asian expats have even more cause for concern with the survey revealing that Asian expats working in the UAE generally earn 26% less than their Western counterparts.

The average monthly salary paid to western expats in the UAE ranges from $28,500 to $33,000. Salaries per industry/profession are as follows:

  • IT manager: $11,315.5
  • Banking, retail/personal banking manager: $12,103
  • Construction, project manager: $10,861
  • Banking, branch manager: $11,126
  • Human resources, manager: $9,695
  • Media, advertising creative manager: $9,395
  • Media, public relations manager: $8,594

The salary survey also revealed that the best paid country in the Gulf for Asian and Arab expats is Qatar, while Saudi Arabia pays the highest salaries for Western chief executives.

The results of the survey were based on inputs from four regional recruitment companies including Nadia, Bayt.com, BAC Middle East and Mackenzie Jones Middle East.

Read the full article: http://gulfbusiness.com/2013/03/revealed-top-10-salaries-in-the-uae/