Lloyds TSB Launches International School Tool

Lloyds TSB have launched an International School Tool that provides expatriates throughout the world with comprehensive information about school fees, term times and syllabus.

The online tool, which is aimed at assisting expatriates with the difficult process of selecting suitable schools for their children, allows expats to select and compare criteria that is relevant to their needs from an interactive display. The program currently holds information about schools in 11 different expat destinations: Australia, Spain, USA, Canada, France, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, UAE, Hong Kong.

Discussing the international school tool, Tony Wilcox, managing director of expatriate banking for Lloyds TSB International commented: “Moving abroad is an exciting step towards a new life and adventures overseas. Pre-move expats will want to make the right preparations to ensure a smooth transition. That’s why we’ve created useful tools to provide guidance on what to expect in popular destinations.

“The first of these is an interactive international schools tool, which expats can use to check important details like fees, term times, curricula and contact details for a wide range of international schools around the world.”

The tool reveals that Switzerland is the most expensive expat destination for school fees, charging an average of $26,000 USD per year, while South Africa is the cheapest, at around $8,000 USD per year.

The tool is free and can be found on the Lloyds TSB website: International Schools Infographic