More Brits Considering Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is becoming increasingly attractive to the British population according to a new study that was published this week.

Research completed by found that 86% of those that are considering moving overseas hope for a better work/life balance and 83% are attracted by the prospect of higher salaries. Of those surveyed 49% said that they would consider moving overseas if they felt that it would offer them better job prospects and 42% revealed that losing their job in the UK would motivate them to search for work abroad.

The study also revealed that it is younger people who are more likely to contemplate a move overseas, with half of 18-24 years olds and 42% of 25-34 year olds stating that they are currently seriously considering relocating to a foreign country in order to improve their career prospects.

Would-be British expatriates are attracted to New Zealand and Australia, with 70% of those that are considering moving abroad stating that this would be their ideal destination. North America was also popular, with 59% of people targeting this destination for their life overseas, while 31% said they are seriously considering moving to Asia. research also predicted that the emigration rate from the UK will rise in the future, something that could put increased pressure an aging population in the United Kingdom. Discussing the results, currency analyst from Stephen Hughes said: “

“This study demonstrates a severe lack of confidence in the employment situation in the UK, particularly amongst younger age groups. While not all of these people will end up moving overseas, unless conditions improve there is a significant risk that we’ll see a much higher level of emigration in the years to come.

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in people transferring money for rental deposits having secured employment overseas since the start of the economic crisis and this is likely to continue.”