More and More Britons Seek Jobs Abroad

An increasing number of British citizens are seeking jobs abroad according to IT recruitment company IntaPeople.

The company analyzed the trends of 40 of Google UK’s most popular search terms relating to locating work abroad and found that UK online searches for jobs abroad increased by over 2 million, or 15.54%, during quarter three 2010. The most popular for those seeking overseas work were Australia, Dubai and Canada.

IntaPeople director, Stephen Riley, attributed the increased interest in work overseas to the desire of the British people to find higher paid roles in warmer climates:

“Skilled workers are being drawn to extremely competitive overseas packages, many of which offer tax-free salaries, relocation costs and first-rate health care. These can prove very tempting to British workers, and even more so if the job is based in a country with a temperate climate,” he said.

He also blamed lack of job opportunities in the UK, with there currently being 2.45 million people in the UK out of work:

“Finding work has been a real slog for parts of the population, especially new grads with little or no experience, so it is understandable that growing numbers are considering the opportunities available to them abroad.”

IntaPeople’s statistics support alternative research concerning the increasing numbers of British citizens who are interested in moving overseas. In April this year Natwest Bank issued research findings that revealed that 90% of Britons living abroad claim that their quality of life has improved since leaving the UK and that their earnings have increased significantly. The report asserted: “when it comes to living and working overseas the advantages come thick and fast. Working hours are far less intensive and expats say they manage to achieve a better work/life balance with much more leisure time.

“Professional expats can earn significantly more than their peers back home. On average an expat professional’s salary is up to £20,000 higher than their UK counterparts.”

Perhaps the desire of British people to live abroad is justified. In early October a quality of life index issued by consumer review business USwitch named the UK and Ireland as the worst places in Europe to live as a result of high living costs and low government spending on public services such as education and healthcare and late retirement.

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