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    My brother was in Vietnam over a decade ago and didn’t get to spend around 8 million in these 100,000 notes before he left.

    They were forgotten but turned up again recently, so, I took them in case I happened to visit Vietnam.

    I arrived at HCMC Airport today and, when trying to buy a bus ticket to the airport, was disappointed to be told that those notes are no longer valid.

    Would anyone know if there any mechanism to exchange old Vietnamese notes, as the Bank of England does in the UK?


    2 replies


    Hi poet,

    Well, I must say the Vietnamese governments have replace the old cotton bank notes with new polymer bank notes. So, if your notes are in cotton materials, obviously small retailers will note accept them anymore.

    You might have to try visit the State Bank of Vietnam to see if they could exchange those notes of yours to newer ones.




    I never knew this about Vietnam! So much interesting to know such information. I would really like to see how these old notes look like

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