Posted by Cassie 8th March 2016 09:00 GMT, 2 repliesFilters: Vietnam General

Hi, my name is Cassie and i am a 23 year old, English speaking, Australian with 5 years experience working with children. My boyfriend is leaving in April for Vietnam to teach English and as you would assume i will be following in August. I'm wondering how i would go about getting work. How to apply, types of work, requirements? If anyone has any sort of information it would be hugely appreciated!

decoartsdeb18th March 2016 13:10 GMT


Check out Dave's ESL cafe, Teachaway, and Teacher Port for work information. You shouldn't have any trouble finding a job teaching. Good Luck!

Anniela20th February 2017 16:08 GMT

Yes, if you are planning to teach ESL then you will be fine. You could even work from home online if you wanted.
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