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    Posted by Steve,  4 replies

    I have a question for the forum which I’m hoping to get some advice. Long story short – I’m a 51 year single old male who has lived in Sydney, Australia all my life. I’m looking towards experiencing life in another country. I’m not necessarily seeking employment that country, but rather plan on simply settling there. After many weeks of thinking and researching, I’ve decided upon Vietnam. I don’t know the first thing about how to get the ball rolling and was hoping that someone who has done it can give me some advice.


    4 replies

    Tina Nguyen

    Hi Steve,
    I am Tina and I work and live in Hanoi many years.It’s your good idea to move to Hanoi, it’s really wonderful place for expats to live and explore and there are more and more Australia expats come to Vietnam to work and travel.
    I am free to help you get full information about living in Vietnam, find me in vietnam visa specialist


    I understand. in my opinion, if you just want ti seek a country to live and relax, your choice is right. because Vietnam is a developing country with many beautiful landscapes that you can discover and relax. besides that, living expense in Vietnam is comparatively cheaper than many developed countries, so you can comfortably live in Vietnam without working.

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    You should also consider the environment because the atmosphere in Vietnam is not clean, so crowded traffic and the living standard is still low

    hello tina and steve

    there are many thing to learn if you intend to live in Viet Nam, 1 visa is only good for 3 months, then you need to renew, 1st time when you leave home obtain 3 month multiple entry visa, 2 weeks before it expires, go to tourist centre and apply for extension,3 months, this can be done 1 more time then you go to border leave VN get another 3 month visa, and so it goes but just for 2 x 3 months from then on unless you marry a local which gets you visa exemption certificate, 5 years but this still requires renewal every 90 days, or if you have work permit then it’s all your employers deal. Good luck, Mark

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