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    Posted by T.V Production Company


    T.V pilot casting REAL LIFE students, travellers, artists and young professionals (18-29) who have come to Vancouver from afar to begin a NEW LIFE in Vancouver and are interested in opening up their life and starring in an upcoming documentary/dramatic series about the struggles of young people living/ working/ surviving and flourishing in the insanely expensive city of Vancouver.

    The makers of ‘No Place Like Home’ wants to capture the journey of settling into the ‘melting pot’ city in a realistic and genuine fashion and potential applicants must be willing to put some or all of their life in front of the camera, including their jobs and potentially their relationships. We are looking for applicants of any ethnicity (of any citizenship) can apply from any country but we are also specifically looking for U.S applicants (young people no longer willing to live in Trump’s America), Europe applicants (Irish, English, Scottish) as well as First Nations and Chinese applicants.

    Potential applicants should send a head shot and a description of where they come from, how long they’ve been in Vancouver and a brief description of how/ why it’s been a struggle to live here. If you are one of these people or know someone who would be interested in applying, please send in your brief application to: info@tysonmedia.ca

    About the producers:
    The producers have an established track record of creating and producing many hit shows for Discovery Channel and History Channel. Please inquire for more information.

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