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    Posted by Christa,  2 replies

    I am US my husband is Indian and we live and work in a third country. We have US income in my name but all foreign money is in my husband’s name. Is it possible to file “married filing separately “ and write in nra (non resident alien) in place of spouse ssn or itin? Or must he get an Itin? If I can write nra I can only claim my income and leave the foreign stuff in my husbands name out, correct?


    2 replies

    Homero Arrieta

    You may want to file as MFS and I would advise to keep your husband as NRA. He will show on the return as nra with no SS or ITIN number.

    Whin Global

    Definitely yes. File MFS and write NRA.

    For FBAR, make sure to reportable foreign. Accounts you have financial interest and/or signature authority. This includes all foreign accounts jointly owned with your spouse.

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