Posted by Christa 6th May 2018 03:26 GMT, 2 repliesFilters: USA Tax

I am US my husband is Indian and we live and work in a third country. We have US income in my name but all foreign money is in my husband’s name. Is it possible to file “married filing separately “ and write in nra (non resident alien) in place of spouse ssn or itin? Or must he get an Itin? If I can write nra I can only claim my income and leave the foreign stuff in my husbands name out, correct?

Homero Arrieta22nd May 2018 23:53 GMT

You may want to file as MFS and I would advise to keep your husband as NRA. He will show on the return as nra with no SS or ITIN number.

Whin Global10th February 2019 01:00 GMT

Definitely yes. File MFS and write NRA.

For FBAR, make sure to reportable foreign. Accounts you have financial interest and/or signature authority. This includes all foreign accounts jointly owned with your spouse.
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