Posted by Ladyhawk 3rd February 2017 21:19 GMT, 1 replyFilters: USA Healthcare

I am a US citizen who lived in the US till age 21. I have lived and worked in Canada for my entire adult life. I never gave up my US citizenship. I am receiving Canadian pension income.. However I am now resuming residency in the USA and wish to apply ONLY for Medicare benefits. I am willing to pay the premiums and the penalties for late enrollment in both part A and Part B Medicare. It is unclear to me whether I must be a resident for 5 more years before I qualify to apply for Medicare, or can I apply now?
PS I am recently married to a US citizen/resident who s receiving SS and Medicare, and after one year of marriage I will be eligible to apply for Medicare under his work record (according to the SS agent I saw today). My uncertainty is regarding whether I must now wait 5 years in residency before I can apply, or can I apply now?

Gloria 18th February 2017 22:39 GMT

Because you are a US citizen, I'm pretty sure you do not have to wait. To be sure contact Social Security. They are the ones who are responsible for Medicare enrollment.
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