Posted by Thomas 27th November 2014 10:10 GMT, 2 repliesFilters: USA Visas

Is it possible to renounce US citizenship without having another country to reside in? I have never had a passport nor have I ever needed one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Xavier5th December 2014 08:18 GMT

No you need another passport
cf step 1. of…

If you don't have it by birth, you might want to get one by marriage or (legally) buy one.

EM18th March 2015 18:51 GMT

I renounced (appointment & paid for) in August in London but I am still waiting for it "to be accepted" when it is already end of March. Anyone have similar a experience? I find it ridiculous, I have nothing of value, never earned much and am on a low income so there is absolutely nothing to go through. How long does a rubber stamp take?
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