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    Hello Everyone

    I am Italian and have lived for 15 years in the United Kingdom. I recently came back home (Italy) to settle in. I really wanted to find a place of my own and a job: nothing like has happened during the last 10 months. I am jobless and live at my family’s house. Not great!!!
    Finding a job is the real issue here and things are going very slow. I am still determined and positive but am getting bored of looking and applying for jobs and getting no reply back.
    I really don’t want to go back to the UK and would rather start a fresh new life in the USA. I have been applying for jobs located in the USA though LinkedIn but no one has even answered me. Probably because I live in Italy therefore the process of me getting there is a bit longer compare if I go back to the UK or anywhere else but in Europe (no Visa request etc).
    I wish I could relocate to the USA at least I will be able to speak the language but I would rather do it if I know there is a job waiting for me there.
    Has anyone of you experienced the same situation?
    How would I find some one willing to help me out and find a job? Like a recruitment agency?

    Thank you all very much for your tips and suggestions.


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    You need to get a job in Europe with a company with a US branch, Stay for at least three years and try to apply for a L-visa. That will be your best bet. It is very complicated to get another visa in the US unless you have $500,000 to invest. Good luck!

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