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    Hi there – I wonder is someone could give me some advise. I have quite a large toy (vintage Star Wars) collection and am looking to bring it with me when we move over the the US (from the UK) – if I box everything up with the rest of our household items will I have to pay additional taxes/duty

    Any help/advise would be greatly welcomed


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    If you’re moving to the USA, having a toy collection will certainly be the least of your worries. Are you aware of what is entailed in entering the US tax system? You will be required to file yearly tax returns on your WORLDWIDE income and savings and openly declare everything, e.g. savings accounts, pensions, property, etc., not just in the USA, but in your case, in the UK. There are fines which can be life altering for not complying. I wouldn’t advise anyone to do anything which gets them involved in the US tax system.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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