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    Posted by Chris Hill , 2 replies

    Hi, I am an American expat living in the Philippines. I have been here for almost a year and I have basically run out of money. There are little job opportunities for me here since I am 22 and I only have a high school diploma. I bought a PC cafe when I moved here and I thought it was a good business idea but I’m barely making ends meet since I also have a girlfriend and kid. I can’t survive on counting peso coins and the maintenance on the computers is costly.

    I went to the US Embassy in Manila to ask for help but they will only give me a free phone call to the states and recommended some churches to ask for help. I thought they do more for US citizens but they do not. My parents won’t help me and my friends are broke. I was wondering if anyone else has been through this type of experience?

    I heard that there are some jobs that will hire Americans and pay for a free flight to the US. However, I can’t find any information about it. Can someone tell me what companies will do this for me? If anyone knows a company that will allow me to return and work in USA and provide a free flight and accommodation, then it will definitely be a life-changer for me. I would be more than grateful. Hope to get a reply. Thanks!


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    I read your post and really felt for you. My Tribe may be willing to help you relocated to the Southern Oregon area and work with our Hotel/Casino. They are big into the hospitality industry. Look up. http://www.uidchr.com for job openings, and then call 1-800-929-8229 and ask for Ruth Ann Liles to ask if they would consider helping you relocate.
    Good luck!

    David Lee

    Another Idea I had for you was to find an American company in Asia that is willing to send recruits back to the states for training. I spearheaded a group in 2008 before the economy fell and we all got free flights to Chicago with a strpen. Since the recession I have not heard of any companies doing this. If you PM me on skype we can chat some more. de.doughboy

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