Posted by Ferrovia 10th July 2013 15:00 GMT, 3 repliesFilters: USA Banking

My current USA Credit Union has changed hands and I am now dissatisfied with it's services. Is it possible to open an account with another US bank from outside the country and without a US mailing address? If so, I would appreciate any recommendations. I live in Italy.

George11th July 2013 05:34 GMT

I think your biggest issue will be not having a US mailing address, without one I doubt any US bank will allow you to open an account whether you're resident in the US or not.

Normally I would recommend speaking to a US bank that has international presence in the country you're living but it seems that most of the big ones don't seem any retail banking in Italy.

Unfortunately you might only be able to solve this when you're on a trip back to the US.


Ferrovia13th July 2013 12:40 GMT

Hi George, thanks for your answer.

Sue16th July 2015 08:15 GMT

I worked for a bank in USA and you can in fact open a bank account online for some banks. Try the larger banks such as Chase Bank, BOfA or Wells Fargo.
You will be required to fax photo Id you are not required to have a soc sec card (tax Id) if you open a savings account. Also it is NOT required to have a USA mailing address)
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