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    Posted by Fred Ward,  4 replies

    I have read the articles about giving up citizenship and social security, however, would a retired veteran, drawing military retirement and VA disability (30%) lose these upon relinquishing their US Citizenship?


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    US Vet

    You might as well retain the USA citizenship; you will probably lose military retirement benefits as USA considers you in a strange capacity I think as a military retiree; the 30% disability might not be jeopardised. Question; do you really have a compelling reason to give up your USA citizenship? You should confer with both the VA and the US State Department to assure yiou have the correct info. Again, I see no real value in giving up your USA citizenship; to what end? Do due diligence in seeking info. You can also seek assistance from your local US representative. Check it out and do not act precipitously. Good luck.

    Hidesato Sakakibara

    If money is involved then keep it but try to get another citizenship as well. If money is not an issue them dump it.


    I would be highly surprised if you could retain these benefits if not a US citizen. But then again, I’m surprised at a lot of things in the US-of-A. But a Google tells me yes with exceptions with the VA at least. This is something that I would get directly from the horses mouth though. I would record it. And I would get it multiple times via different agencies.

    “According to VA as long as you have a DD214 under honorable yes, but look below if it applies to you.

    Here are a few pointers concerning foreign citizenship and retired pay:

    Retired officers & retired enlisted may not voluntarily renounce U.S. citizenship
    Will result in loss of retired pay
    Dual citizenship is permissible
    Retired officers & retired enlisted may not serve in a foreign military service
    May result in loss of retired pay
    Exception for newly democratized nations”


    Does anyone know about the voluntary written statement on why one renounces?

    Is it necessary, and what should be written?

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