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My ex moved to the US in 1987 and became a green card holding foreign national. We had two kids, stayed married for ten years, we got divorced. Shortly after our divorce he was brain injured. My family took him back in and have looked after him since. He has gradually deteriorated over the last fifteen years and no longer knows who I am.

Because he is not a US citizen, I can't get him any kind of help. I can't claim disability for him, he is too young to collect Social Security, he does not qualify for the Affordable Health Care Act.

He is now at the point I can no longer leave him alone safely. I HAVE to work. I can't afford adult day care. I can't afford anything. His medical bills are killing me.

I want to send him home if he is even remotely qualified for ANYTHING over there. I can get him there, I can find a place to stay temporarily, I can get him registered with a GP... but I do not even know where to start. I can't stay with him, I have no claim to UK residency.


Light12th February 2016 21:22 GMT

It looks like you are in a serious pickle.
The UK healthcare system should give him coverage, perhaps contact the GB consulate? they should be the most reliable help in your case, I would think, and should be able to review what are the rights of your ex under GB law.
Also, does he have any family back in UK? I would also start there.
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