Posted by Susan 23rd December 2015 10:17 GMT, 3 repliesFilters: United Kingdom General

Hi there

How long would you expect for a CLN to be issued after renouncing US citizenship? I renounced at the US embassy in London in May 2015 (7 months ago) and still have not had anything back and I don't know if I should be concerned.

Many thanks

Penny Smith26th December 2015 12:53 GMT

I renounced at the embassy in Toronto in April 2015 and I too, am still waiting for my CLN. However, when I traveled to the US in September there was no mention of my US place of birth and no questions about other citizenships.

ad19th February 2016 23:12 GMT

Same. I renounced in Vancouver in April 2015 and still no certificate.

Ahsoka239th July 2016 22:04 GMT

I want to do the same, I just wonder how long the process is.
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