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    I was born in the US to a British farther and Czech mother, they came to back to the UK before I was a year old, I now have a US passport that has a picture of me in it aged 4 months (yes – very cute if I do say so myself) which I’ve never renewed so is (39 years!) out of date. I am now a British citizen with a valid British passport, I need to travel to the US with work in October. When I flew to the US previously (8 years ago) I was given a lot of hassle when checking in that I was flying on my British passport – they basically told me I shouldn’t be allowed to fly, although they did let me.

    As I am flying to the US for work I need to ensure I won’t have any issues, I’ve looked into renewing and it seems expensive and the required documents impossible to source (namely 39 photos of me from every year of my life and a certificate of naturalisation), I’ve also been told that if I do renew I’ll need to submit a tax return every year(!!)

    Can I legally be prevented from travelling to the US on my British passport?

    What are my options if I don’t want to renew my passport?

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    if you are a US citizen than u should get another passport, contact USPS ad send all the info that application states including ur old passport. If u are a UK citizen or permanent resident than u need a Visa to come to US. Simple as that. So u need a US Visa or also need to renew ur UK passport????


    “I’ve also been told that if I do renew I’ll need to submit a tax return every year(!!)”

    If you are a US citizen you are reqquired to submit a tax return every year. Period. Regardless of whether your passsport is expired. There are extremely punitive fines (including prison) for not filing US tax returns and the so called FBAR form, in which you openly declare all your assets outside of the USA. Due to FATCA, if banks find out you are a US citizen, they may freeze your accounts until you can prove that you are compliant with the IRS. This involves filing returns for the past 6 years. You can renounce your US citizenship, but that will not free you from past tax obligations. The fee for renouncing just quintupled, from $450 to $2350. You have to go to a US consulate abroad and it may take several months to get an appointment. Getting the “Certificate of Loss of Nationality” CLN which documents your renunciation may take up to another 12 months (or more…). Banks are now demanding CLNs for anyone who has US indicia, such as a US birthplace.

    Good luck.


    Also, note that it doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked or lived in the USA. All that matters is that you were born in the USA.

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