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    Posted by gilly , 3 replies

    hmrc want me to prove I am non resident.
    As passports are no longer stamped how can I prove my exit and entry dates?
    What documentation can prove my absence? What will they accept as proof.
    Anyone know or resolved this problem?

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    You can follow guidance regarding your residence status here:


    and should read the “Guidance Note: Statutory Residence Test (SRT)”


    As to how to prove you’re non-resident, you should read through the document above and work out what applies to you specifically regarding the section “Definition of UK ties”. This should help you prepare a letter to prove that you are (or aren’t) non-resident.

    For entry and exit, have you kept all copies of your travel in and out of the UK (boarding passes, flight tickets)? Other things to consider, are you still on the electoral roll in the UK? Do you use the NHS when back in the UK ( http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthcareabroad/movingabroad/Pages/…

    Hope this helps,



    Hi George
    Thanks for all those usefull links.
    I suppose my real question is how do I PROVE I’ve been out of the country for the last 7 years. Without date stamps in and out of the country how can I prove I have not been here. What could I supply as documentary evidence ??
    I’m stumped!!!


    I’m not sure of your circumstances but for example do you have:

    Visa stamps for the country you’ve been living in that show entry and exit?
    Proof of travel trips too and from the UK (plane tickets, boarding passes)?
    Employment agreement?
    Rental agreement, bills and bank accounts showing you’ve been living outside of the UK?


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