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    Posted by Penny, 2 replies

    We may have to move back to the UK, early next year. We moved the the USA when the children were young. However, our oldest is now a sophomore at high school and would be in year 11 in the UK school system, in other words she would be doing GCSE’s this year if she had gone through the UK system.

    This seems like really bad timing to be moving her and we can’t afford to send her to an American School. But would it be the end of the world for her to be moved at this stage of her school career?


    2 replies

    Hi Penny,

    This is a really difficult topic for us to comment on. One thing you may wish to consider doing is contacting a school (perhaps the school or schools that you would be considering enrolling her in upon her return to the U.K) and asking them for their advise. They will be well placed to help you to assess whether a return to UK education at this stage would be feasible and how you can decide the best course of action.


    Further to Sarah’s reply you might find out more by posting on a forum that’s dedicated to US expats in the UK who might have been through a similar experience:


    Also Mumsnet might help:


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