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    Posted by Taylor,  1 reply

    A couple of questions regarding salary setup and taxes.

    Can you setup a direct deposit for salary from the company you are working for in the UAE into your US (my country) bank account?

    Are there any taxes associated with transferring larger amounts of money from the UAE to my US bank account?

    I’m trying to figure out how to send the money I will earn while over in the UAE for one year back to the US without being taxed in some way and or not following any rules in regards to how much you can transfer at one time? I want to of course be able to bring what I’ve earned back home with me when I’m ready to return to the US.

    If anyone is unsure of the answers, can you provide any email contacts regarding this so I can follow up? Thanks!


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    Hi Taylor,

    Whilst I can’t comment on any specifics I think that your bank in the US should be able to answer these questions for you regarding transfer limits and any restrictions in place. Your employer will be able to tell you whether they’ll be able to pay straight into a US bank account or not as this normally comes down to your contract.

    Does your bank in the US have any branches in the UAE which may make transfers between countries easier and reduce costs?


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