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    Posted by Dean , 1 reply

    I wanted to know if there are any negative implications to renouncing your Australian citizenship (I also hold an Irish passport) and regaining entry to Australia in the future. I know you need an RRV, but wondered if there is any evidence that border control have made it difficult for people in the past even with the RRV, based on their attitude to Australian Government?
    I can only imagine how hard it would be explaining to a dumbed down order taker how you feel about the unconsciousness acts and actions of the Australian government, both overseas and ‘at home’, and how this led to you not wanting to be associated with the ‘flag nation’ anymore.
    Whilst also trying to convince said psychopath in state dress up uniform that you have an absolute affinity and love for the ‘country’, its proud history and traditions (of its originie past, not the European slave state that I became a citizen of during my state induced hypnosis).
    Thoughts? 🙂


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    Hey Dean,
    To answer your question, you are correct, your own attitude towards airport, customs and government officials could indeed be an obstacle. If you lead into a conversation with the mindset that the person you are talking to is nothing but a stupid robot or psychopath and attack them as such you are guaranteed failure. If you talk to them calmly, explain your viewpoint rather than trying to beat them down with it and treat them as a human being you have a much greater chance of success. We’re all just people 🙂

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