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    Coming to Thailand (Hua Hin) for the season (Oct ’16 – June ’17). USA Expat. Confused about my best option:

    1. Reading a lot about a 6 month multiple-entry visa…..but can’t see where to get one before I leave the USA.
    – Is this possible…?
    – Can I get one once I arrive..?

    2. If this is not an option…could anyone advise me on the best visa method for a long-term stay like mine would be.

    3. Can I travel into Thailand on a one-way air ticket…?



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    Assuming you have a valid US passport with expiration beyond June, 2017. Thai immigration will only allow you to stay for 90 days with a US passport. Read through the Thai immigration Bureau website, it says, planning to stay more than the alloted time when you are already in Thailand, you need to extend your visa 15 days before the date of stay expires or extend your visa as an overstay 7 days after the date of stay has expired. In another location of their website under visa, Item #9 of the visa: General Information section, stated that you are not allowed to work unless you have a work visa. Many more details may or may not be related to your situation can be read through their official website (http://www.immigration.go.th), since you did not specify the reason of your intended overstaying.
    Regarding visa fees to pay (http://www.immigration.go.th), I don’t know where you read or have quoted the six months multiple entries visa from, ALWAYS go to the country’s official immigration website to search for your answer and not through blogs! It has a one year multiple entries visa for a fee of 5,000.- Baht. (This is quoted in Thailand’s local currency, to convert it to US$, go to foreign currency exchange online to roughly get an idea how much is the exchange rate.

    One way airfare may not be the right way to do it especially when you are only a visitor to a country without a permanent residency permit. Call their consular office in the USA and ask about it before doing it.

    It is not easy to help you out by what you asked here, you are not specific enough with your questions, can’t give you specific help, but it is recommended to always check the official government website of the country you intend to visit and read through immigration or visa section, if further information is needed always search the web for their consular office here in the USA, it may not be near your state of residence but you can always give them a call to find out further information. Some countries may bar you from entering indefinitely if you overstayed once, therefore, get all your documentations and proper visa before you leave your country to enjoy a stress-free visit.

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