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    I’m looking for info on taking my pets with me to Thailand.

    I have degree and a tefl masters certificate, but my husband only has a tefl masters certificate. Will he get a job in Thailand? We don’t want to be in the big cities. What is the average salary?


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    Well you may search on internet. With the modern technology such as internet. You can perform internet research. There are a lot of Classified ads online. Advantages of searching on the internet include speed, immediacy, and a complete disregard for physical distance. The quality of research can be superior to other forms of research. You just need to place the right keyword searching on the internet. For Example: “Job opportunities for tefl masters degree holder in Thailand”, “Thailand Job hiring for tefl masters degree holder”. There are a lot of keywords to use, You just need to be patient while doing the research.


    The guide to Thailand regarding career opportunities is COMPLETLY wrong.
    I have lived in Thailand for 8 years now. Work is FORBIDDEN unless one has a work permit. There are about 40-50 protected job areas that are strictly for Thai nationals ONLY. These include shop assistants, sales, hairdressing, child minding and many other careers. Most foreigners working in Thailand have been posted here by overseas companies and are mostly engineers. A foreigner wanting to teach English must have a degree and the school employing them must apply for a work permit. This can take 3 months and is not an easy task. The work permit is valid for that employer ONLY and is cancelled when the teacher/employee finishes working for that particular employee. Conducting a business using the internet is also considered as working and is ILLEGAL. Doing any form of job without a work permit is illegal and thai people will be quick to report you to immigration. If you buy a business in Thailand you can not work in that business- if you buy a bar you can not serve customers- you MUST employ a thai national as manager and thai nationals as staff. Do not believe what you read in the expats guide!!!!

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