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    Happy New Year 2016 to all!

    I’m at least 12 years from retiring and I’m serious about purchasing or at least putting a down payment on some Latina America property (Condo or House).

    During 2015, I had my heart set on Medellin, Colombia, however as confirmed from a good friend that lives in Colombia, due to the FARC guerillas and the high crime rate, she strongly advised me against investing in or even travelling to Medellin, Colombia.

    Can you recommend current Real Estate Retirement options for me in Argentina and Costa Rica? Instead of Colombia, I recently read positive news about Argentina and Costa Rica. If you can recommend Real Estate Agents and Companies in Argentina and Costa Rica, I do appreciate it!

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    Your good friend is way out of date with regard to information about Colombia. The FARC are nowhere near Medellin. Most of the country that formerly was ´off limits¨ from the standpoint of foreigner safety are now safe to travel to. The crime rate in Medellin is WAY WAY lower than it was and while no one can be completely safe in any large city in the world, you don´t need to avoid Colombia because of crime, any more than you would avoid a large North American city. I live in Bogota and plan to stay. Many foreigners are chosing Medellin.

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