Posted by Barbara 7th November 2015 16:50 GMT, 1 replyFilters: South Africa General

I hope someone can answer this question. Two different sites have had different amounts of $$ required as savings in order to make a permanent move to SA to retire. One had an amount around $300k, but another one had an amount close to $850k. Can anyone clarify this for me? One is no problem, but the other one would dash my hopes of moving to SA

DankiPa17th November 2015 12:16 GMT

Hi. Can I approach it from the other side - as a SA Lodge owner maybe?.....Depending on your requirements the following would be my input. Life right schemes should be the most sensible... a two bdr self catering unit on a nice estate (golfing to eco) would be available at $60k dep and around $750 p.m. all included. Decent Food, fuel, and basics at around the same ($750 p.m.).....Plan for medical care....great care exists, but at cost ....(Good hospital plans etc from around $300 p.m.for an active couple). Small new car from $10K. Hope that helps and to see you on the beautiful African beaches of the Western Cape soon.
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