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    My company wants me to take a regional position in Singapore to manage our Network Design and Engineering division for APAC and is planning to offer me a secondment offer. The term would be for 2 years. I am looking for some advise on what I need to negotiate in terms of a package. I have 2 young kids (5 and 3 year olds) and my wife (does not work currently) who will be moving with me. From what I understand with secondment, my contract will still remain in the US and my company will continue to pay me in the US and then pay me for my expenses in Singapore.

    My expectations are to have a 3 bedroom house (attached or detached). International schools for my kids and take care of all local expenses (utilities, food, monthly expenses, maid, travel, etc). What are the norms these days and what can I expect going into negotiations.

    What is a reasonable package I should consider countering when they come with an offer? We lead a very comfortable life in Atlanta, so my wife is going to expect something similar, since she and the kids are making the big adjustment, while it is a great career opportunity for me.


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    I been in Singapore now for 5 years, Singapore is a lovely and safe place, but very expensive. Schooling is around 2500-4000 a month for private schools and a 3 bedroom apartment will fetch arrounf 4000-5000 a month. Take all this into account. If you want a car, you will be looking at around 125,000 for a used Honda civic. Public transportation is excellent and the taxi’s are not to expensive.

    If you like to chat email me.

    Good luck,

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