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    Posted by Nicole, 2 replies

    My name is Nicole I am looking for an apartment for 4 persons can be:

    – 4 bedrooms or
    – 3 bedrooms or
    – 2 apartments in the same building each one with 2 bedrooms

    We are ready to move in already and will stay till december, so it is almost 4 months. I know is hard to find something in seoul for a short-term, so I kindly would like to know if someone can help us or give some suggestions.
    We would like to have in a central location like Itaewon, Hannam or Ichon-dong, Gangnam and Sochu-gu, Bangbae-dong areas or around.

    Our budget is around 2.5 to 3 million per month.

    My email address is nicole.lundgren@hotmail.com

    Kind regards,
    Nicole Lundgren

    2 replies

    Hi Nicole,

    I take it all the temporary accommodation options mentioned in our guide are too expensive for such a long stay? How about some of the flat-sharing sites, for example:


    Quite a few of these renters offer monthly rates.

    Hope that helps,



    I know this is probably 3 years too late but adding on to the list above,

    I hope this helps anyone else who might need this info!

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