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    Posted by mdcol 

    Hi Im British National in the Philippines. I have been here few years, I came here with my wife in 2014. My Marraige has broken down and now i found my self alone and with out money. I have contacted the British Embassy and ask their advise, they only told me they could contact family and friend back in the UK to help me with funds for flight home. My family and friends are not in a position to help me get money for flights. I have contacted Citizens advice via online chat and they not able to help me or give me charities that would be willing to help me with fund. I cannon work her in order to get money for the flight home. I have used all my money and my wife has taken big chunk of money also. Im hope to get help her if anyone knows of any charity’s that would be able to help me with fund, grants or loans so i could return to UK and find work to reply what ever money im able to get. please ask questions if you have any, im hoping for useful advice.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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