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    Posted by dingo144 , 1 reply

    Hi all,

    My partner and I are planning to relocate to London.
    I am an Austrian citizen with a permanent residence in Australia (I got initially sponsored by my partner). My partner is Australian citizen. We now found this EEA family permit on the UK border agency website and read everything about it.

    We have our relationship registered and currently live together. We have all paperwork required printed out and just need to fill it in.W

    What we would like to know now is:
    1) where do we hand in / send the application to?
    2) How long does it take to get an answer regarding the visa?
    3) Do we understand it correctly that my partner can work in the UK, if the EEA permit is granted?

    Any advise or tip for this type of visa would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    Sam & Sophie

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    Hi Sam & Sophie,

    Thanks for your questions, here are a few answers.

    As you are living in Australia you need to apply for the permit online (see the bottom of this page for reference ‘More information’):


    This is done here:


    You can see on the following page how long it takes for you to get an answer regarding and EEA permit, it seems to imply around 2 to 3 weeks.


    Your partner should be able to work in the UK once they have the EEA permit:

    ‘Living and working in the UK under a permit of this kind allows you to undertake employment without the need for a UK working permit.’


    Good luck.


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