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    Posted by Gesa 

    Dear Expatriates in Japan,
    we are a group of students from the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrueck and we are doing a project on Expats in Japan.

    Please be so kind and answer the following few questions and send them back to:
    Questionnaire for Expats:
    1. Did you experience a culture shock at any point during your stay in Japan?
    2. If yes, what do you think were the main reasons for this?
    3. What were the biggest obstacles that you faced in your day-to-day life?
    4. What were the biggest obstacles that you faced during your first days at work?
    5. What would you personally recommend to any foreigner coming to live and work in Japan?
    6. Were there parts of the Japanese working culture that you preferred in comparison your home country? If so, please list them!
    7. Were you able become acquainted to the working style by the end of your time abroad?
    8. Is there anything else you feel is important for potential expats going to Japan?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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