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    We’re looking for some super good, super attentive, extremely productive transcribers to work as contractors for Averbach Transcription. No credentials required; just be amazing at what you do.

    The pay rate is $1 per minute of audio or video for next-day or longer turnaround, and $1.50 per minute of audio or video for same-day. For expert transcribers who can produce 10-15 hours worth of transcripts in a week, this translates to $690-1,035 per week at our current mix of same-day/other turnarounds.

    Expat Americans abroad are especially welcome to apply, but we’re open to anyone with an excellent command of the English language, able to decipher accents and non-native speakers.

    To apply, please just send us a brief message about yourself to nicholas+expats@avtranscription.com; we’ll immediately send you a brief survey and transcription test to see what you can do.

    Thanks, and good luck!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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