Posted by Tony 9th December 2012 19:03 GMT, 3 repliesFilters: Jakarta Children

My wife and I are looking to live abroad with all our children - 6 children.

Destination country is Indonesia - we would appreciated if you could give us recommendation which school for expat to attend to (Jakarta).

Thanking for your kindly respond.


George10th December 2012 14:46 GMT

You can find a good resource on the various international schools in Jakarta here:

Unfortunately I can't recommend any of them directly but I hope this is a start for you.


abroad11th May 2013 14:59 GMT

Off Topic...
6 kids oh my! My wife and I have 3 and can blearily keep our heads above water. Kids are wonderful as you know, but boy are they a lot of work. You are a stronger man than I sir. :)

fadi boughanem2nd May 2020 13:46 GMT

can kids( u.s citizrns ) get financial help for schooling ( undergraduate ) if living overseas
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