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    I am moving from the UK to Italy – I am a UK citizen. I work for a global organisation (US) and will continue to work for them when I move to Italy I’ve been with them now for 3 years. This move is my choice and I am not seeking any support from my company.

    Whilst my company has approved this move they are insisting that I resign from my UK post before I can be re-employed on our Italian pay roll. This seems a bit dramatic and I can’t help feeling this is not correct. I am concerned about what will happen to my shares and continuity of employement.

    Can you advise please?


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    My first question would be is there anything in your existing employment contract that covers this? Secondly do you know of anybody else in your company who has attempted something like this?

    Unfortunately employment contracts can vary greatly so there may not be set rules regarding this especially if you’re moving between countries.

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