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    My husband’s work has mentioned us possibly moving to India. I’m just concerned about moving my dog there. Is that possible, easy to do? Is it easy to then export pets out of India when we leave?


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    It is possible to move pets to India, you will need a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from India’s Animal Quarantine Station prior to arrival with the following documents:

    – All vaccination records of the pet
    – Government-issued veterinary certificate from the exporting country (USDA document with the Annexure I/II in case of USA)
    – Flight details or copy of the airline ticket bill
    – General health check
    – Vaccinations including canine distemper, parvo virus, rabies, and leptospirosis.

    The health certificate for cats and dogs must prove the vaccines were administered at least one month prior to travel and no longer than 180 days prior to travel. Make several copies of the health certificate.

    The NOC must be obtained by your local Indian clearing agent in person. It cannot be applied for online. The NOC is faxed or emailed to the shipper. The certificate must be presented to the airline in India at the port of entry, before the pet has been off-loaded. If the pet is traveling accompanied by the owner, the owner of the pet must carry the NOC. This document takes up to 5 working days to obtain and is free of cost.

    Your moving company should be able to assist you with these processes and who to contact, please note also that the rules can change at short notice so be sure to find out if there have been any changes.

    When leaving India many countries will only allow pets to clear customs if they have been in a rabies-free country for six months prior to arrival. This may pose a problem for you when you return to your home country because of the prevalence of rabies in India. You could keep your pet in a country such as Singapore for the six months before you are due back home, but because of the hassle and costs involved, it is worth reconsidering bringing your pet if this will be an issue for you. Check the requirements of your home country regarding pet entrance before making your decision.

    Also please consider whether your dog will be happy living in India, it may find the change change in climate uncomfortable and there may not be too many open spaces that are pet friendly depending on where you may move to.

    This information is taken from our expat city guide to Mumbai:



    Thank you George for the detailed write up there. This has helped me tremendously. Have a good one!

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