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    Posted by Martin  3 replies


    I suppose that this is more of a speculative post at the moment rather than anything else.

    I cannot quite stop thinking about I the content of the U.K.’s BBC1 three-part documentary “The Real Marigold Hotel”, to wonder if I might become a Lotus eater after my early retirement in October 2016, and inclination and funds permitting, perhaps living for at least part of the year away from my UK base.

    From watching the television programme, India seems to offer a vibrant but caring home away from home. Although I’ve only just begun to think about things I would love to hear other people’s views/experiences concerning the following aspects of living in India regarding lifestyle, accommodation, living costs et cetera?
    These are some of my questions:
    Does anyone know of any websites which already exist which provide answers to questions that I’ve been asking and, if so, could you provide me with a link to view them?

    What is it like living for part of the year in another country?
    How long does it take to settle into a routine in India? Is it difficult?
    What should I be wary of in India, what are local crime levels like and what are the local police like, are authorities in the country helpful to expats?

    Where, in your view, would be the best place in India for someone who is recently retired, very slightly disabled and 60+ to spend an extended period of time (3-6 months) to experience India’s people and culture – the television programme focused on Jaipur?

    What sort of accommodation (preferably traditional, although not excluding modern if necessary) should I be looking for or could I expect to enjoy. I’m also wondering about the size of such accommodation and how much this might cost, bearing in mind that my retirement income is likely to be fairly modest?

    What might I expect to pay for any accommodation (perhaps a flat or studio in a traditional family environment with, say, two bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, toilet and bathroom facilities to Western expectations) per month and what is the best way to obtain such accommodation?

    What are the pitfalls, if any, of spending an extended period of time in such accommodation and, if I found the experience to my liking, what kind of facilities are available to enable me to store property locally rather than having to lug everything backwards and forwards from the UK every time I wanted to visit?
    How easy or difficult might it be to engage local help for cooking, cleaning, laundry, et cetera and how much might this cost?
    Although completely naive, I do realise that it would be stupid of me to rush headlong into such a move so, depending on your responses, I think my next step will be to arrange a visit to India at some point in the next year or so to experience the delights of the subcontinent and maybe make more in-depth enquiries on site as it were.
    As this is likely to be the case, I wonder if readers have any particular views on whether I should look to attach myself to a standard-type holiday tour or, perhaps, seek to engage one of the many guides who advertise on a variety of sites to put together a more personalised tour which could include property viewings, meetings at banks and other professions, to find out about the practicalities of living, et cetera?

    Many thanks in advance for any advice which you may be able to provide.

    Sincere regards,

    Martin Parker


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    Pradip Namjoshi

    Mr. Martin Parkar,

    Good morning. i am an indian and worked in Middle East country Kuwait. i am planning to go back to my home country by mid of this year

    To kill time and to gain fully employed I am toying with the idea of providing facilities for people who wish to come to India for a long stay of say 3 to 4 months.

    Why i am planning so is because my son is migrating to Australia, and I would like to stay with him for a period of 3 to 4 months every year.

    if you are interested you can write to me . We can exchange ideas or will try to work out your plan


    pradip Namjoshi


    Mary Smyth

    Hello Martin

    Within your posting above, about a year ago, you asked very relevant and significant questions.

    I have been to India twice now, since January 2015, for a total of six months – first time as a tourist then doing volunteering work interspersed with some travelling.

    As a recent retiree I am now considering an option to spend five/six months of the year there, over the UK Winter months. The questions posed within this posting are very similar to those which I would be interested to hear comments/feedback on. Should you or anyone else have further information/advice to offer then that would be more then welcome.

    Regards, and best wishes


    Kate Bickford

    Hi folks

    My husband is due to retire in 3 – 4 years and I’ve been having the same idea about India, so Pradip I would be interested in hearing your ideas.


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