Posted by Justine Meuleman 8th November 2015 09:02 GMT, 3 repliesFilters: India Entertainment


I just arrived in Jaipur and I'm going to stay here for 6 months. Somebody else who is living in Jaipur who I can meet with to have a cup of coffee or visit some touristic attractions?

Cameron Calia28th November 2015 13:07 GMT

Hi Justine!

I am also living in Jaipur, currently working for an NGO around the train station. I am orginally from the US. I would love to meet up sometime and get coffee or just hang out!

Ankbh4th January 2016 08:05 GMT

Hi justine and Cameron, please call me for coffee or just hang cell no is 964 990 7860...cheers

Sunni Shrm26th January 2016 19:20 GMT

Will like to move to Jaipur or Udaipur myself, thinking seriously to live in either of the 2 cities for 4months each year. I sure will need Apartment to rent too. Any advise is appreciate. Thanks.
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